Color Match

Black Shades 
1 1B 1B/6 1B/27 1B/613
Brown Shades
2 4 6 8 12
Blonde Shades
16 24 27 60 613
Brown/Blonde Mix Shades
4/27 4/613 8/613 12/613
Blonde Mix Shades
18/22 27/613
Funky Shades
Green Pink Purple Red Turquoise
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our customer service representative will email you back with advice on which color will best match your own hair. so you can be confident with your order for the right hair color.

When choosing among the colors, you could try looking for which one is the closest to your natural hair color. This would make it undetectable to onlookers, instead of appearing unnatural like a wig. If you want to choose one which would complement your existing hair, then you could go for hair extensions colors that are slightly different from your natural hair color but would enhance your look beautifully.