Customer Testimonials

"I love these extensions so much! The quality is amazing & the customer service is even better. I ordered them on Friday and they arrived the the next week. I love this company & I will definitely be buying some more."

24 Inches 7pcs Clips-on Human Hair Extensions#1

"I just received it and I LOVE it!! My hair is fine and I really can't grow it past my chin without it looking straggly! This is wonderful and the color matches perfectly! I just ordered again!"

20 Inches 7 pcs Clips-on Hair Extensions wavy #4/27

"I've had SO many extensions over a few years, but these Hair Extensions are by far the BEST! They look beautiful straight and curly!
I couldn't be happier. Thanks!!! "

100S Micro Loop Hair Extensions 20inches Wavy #33

"I bought a few of these extensions and let me tell you, they are so fun! They add that little bit of funk to your hair without having to pay alot at the salon to get them glued in."

100S Micro Loop 22inches Hair Extensions #613

"i usually like dieing my hair different colors and when i wore these everyone thought i had done it again.they really look them"

22 Inches 7pcs Clips-on Human Hair Extensions#4

"I absolutely love your hair extensions!!! They made me go from cute to HOT instantly. The extensions completely changed my look for the better. Thank you so much! xoxoxo"

24 Inches 7pcs Clips-on Human Hair Extensions#12

"I am in love with these extensions and have gotten so many compliments, you can't even tell they're not mine because they match perfectly!! Bonus for the lightning fast shipping!"

20inches Human Hair Weft/Extensions #2,100g

"I purchased the 20" medium chestnut brown extensions and I absolutely LOVE them!!"

100S Stick Tip 22inches Human Hair Extensions #33

"I really love my extensions; they are so soft and I got them really fast! Thanks for providing great service!!!"

15 Inches 7 pcs Clips-on Human Hair Extensions#4

"I love my new 20" extensions; they blend in with my natural hair perfectly!"

100S Nail Tip 20inches Human Hair Extensions #27

"I absolutely love my extensions! They have given me the length and thickness I aspire to have, so thank you!"

20 Inches 7 PCS Clips-on Hair Extensions wavy #613

"Just wanted to say that I am very happy with my extensions. I went to a family gathering and got many compliments. My niece liked them so much she said she was going to order a set for herself. I always wished I could have long hair. Now I can! Thanks for the great customer service!"

18 Inches 7pcs Clips-on Human Hair Extensions#33

"I was very impressed with how well my hair extensions blend in with my natural hair. I received a lot of complements, while no one thought that I was wearing hair extensions. I'm very happy and looking forward to ordering from you again. It really does glamourize to the max! highly recommended! "

20 Inches 7 PCS Clips-on Hair Extensions wavy #04

"My friend has purchased from you and I have borrowed hers and now I am so happy to have my own!!!.. I just thought these (pictures) would show off how beautiful the extensions are and how much they improve my appearance."
"I have received my hair extensions and have been wearing them for about a week now and I totally love them! They give my hair much more volume than I had before and it is the perfect length. I am extremely happy with the results."
"I ordered these extensions not knowing how they were going to look on me or even match my hair, but I LOVE THEM soooo much and they look GREAT on me!! THANKS Hair EXTENSIONSALE!!!" "Not only did I receive the extensions two days later, but they are such excellent quality! The day I got them and put them in, I immediately ordered a second set! I'm sure it won't be the last. Thanks so