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clip in hair extensions
Make room for some jealousy! Yes, with our easy to use clip-in hair extensions, be prepared to catch those envying glances. Purchase your set of clip-in extensions online and own a crowning glory like none other in no time at all. Clip-ins is the convenient way out of that irritatingly long-term commitment of sewing or gluing in hair extensions. Seek just the hairstyle and length of hair you are looking for instantly through clip-in hair extensions. Available in small, 1-inch strips that can be applied individually or larger wefts of up to 6 inches long that may run around the entire head, an apt application guarantees you a gorgeous looking mane all through the day.
how to apply clip in hair extensions
how to apply
micro loop hair extensions
An easy way to gorgeous looking mane and that too in no time at all, wondering how? Say hello to micro-loop extensions, conveniently purchase them online and voila! You are on your way to natural looking extended hair. Referred to as micro cylinders, too, micro-loops are very easy to use and do away with the need for complicated sewing or messy glues. Customers and hair stylists love the technique courtesy some great attributes of micro-ring extensions. These include easy-to-install, lightweight and flexibility apart from being absolutely safe for the natural hair.
how to apply micro loop hair extensions
how to apply
prebonded hair extensions
Beautiful looking hair is every woman’s dream. Turn this dream into a reality with pre-bonded hair extensions. After getting to understand fully the right step-by-step application of pre-bonded extensions, you will instantly like the convenience of it all. Coated with special quality keratin adhesive at one end, these are applied with the help of a fusion tool. The tool melts the adhesive thereby securing the extension in place. Pre-bonded extensions make for an ideal product thanks to the fact that they come in small-coated sections that are less likely to shed.
how to apply prebonded hair extensions
how to apply
tape in hair extensions
Looking for a great hair extension product? Look no further than tape-in hair extensions, an extremely easy to use hair extension. Instantly apply tape-in hair extensions to the parted areas of the head and enjoy a completely natural appearance. Exactly the way natural hair will grow out of one’s scalp, tape-ins mimics that and gives an all-natural look. Minimal damage and maximum beauty, tape-ins guarantee this and more! The convenience of using tape-ins has made many women switch to this wonderful hair extension product.
how to apply tape in hair extensions
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